Boise Urban Peregrines Egg Watch (& Wait)

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Boise’s own PEFAs are diligently continuing their duties in the box on One Capital. I’ve only seen one egg thus far, as the scrape is under the camera, seen here: . The tiercel’s been spending a significant amount of time brooding lately, especially mid-morning, giving the falcon much-needed breaks. Let’s continue to hope that this new, very young, pair has some fuzzy results from all of their hard work at the end of the month. Time will tell.


Derby Cathedral Peregrine Falcon lays egg – instant church bells

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Reporting that there’s little to report. In the meantime, Tiny Tim.


PEFAs continue to plug away at the box, having created a whopping crater under the webcam, largely out of sight of prying eyes. Whether it contains anything or not remains to be seen. Literally.