Chris Christie’s pension theft in New Jersey. Nation-wide pension theft needs a nation-wide response.

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Fred Klonsky


Some of my friends from elsewhere around the country try to tell me that the pension theft that is going on in Illinois is a local issue.

It’s not.

The stealing of public employee pensions is a national effort calling for a national response.

Each state and municipality may have it’s own local characteristics.

In New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie is diverting state pension funds to his political cronies.

David Sirota in Pando Daily

The Christie administration took money that could have been devoted to shoring up the state’s pension fund and instead used it to enrich corporate interests that finance Christie’s political infrastructure.

In response to Pando’s investigation, a spokesman for Gov. Christie, Kevin Roberts, declined to comment on the campaign contributions from companies that were awarded large contracts from the Christie administration. Regarding the refusal of the administration to fully fund the state’s pensions, he said that Christie…

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My Public Thanks

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Once again, she has been all too generous & kind, for including me in her list of faves. I appreciate it very much. I put little effort, but much affection, into this ‘blog. It will remain stubbornly free-form, just as my radio shows generally were. I’m grateful to anyone who finds it worth a glance. My own list of nominees will be posted once I get back from a board meeting!

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Dr Krithi Karanth's aim is to assess human-wildlife conflicts in five parks of India's Western Ghats