Squaw Butte area, part II: Emmett, Idaho

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Squaw Butte area, part II: Emmett, Idaho

Biscuitroot lomatium, Woollypod Milkvetch

Photobooth Animations

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The 1955 Hudson

These photobooth animations are the work of Nicholas Osborn of Square America. He describes them as: “a jittery, flickering, Frankensteinian attempt to bring old photos back to life.”

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My Public Thanks

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Once again, she has been all too generous & kind, for including me in her list of faves. I appreciate it very much. I put little effort, but much affection, into this ‘blog. It will remain stubbornly free-form, just as my radio shows generally were. I’m grateful to anyone who finds it worth a glance. My own list of nominees will be posted once I get back from a board meeting!