Wildlife tech & volunteer coordinator – Boise urban peregrine project, IDFG 2010 – 2012. Idaho Master Naturalist, member North American Falconers Association, unrepentant gadfly, former free-form radio poisonality…. Now what? Need another relevant paying gig now that my PEFA season’s done. Taiga merlin foto credit: Bob Young –  it was a fun day out! And COLD.


12 thoughts on “About

    1. This really is challenging! May have to finalise everything tomorrow – would like to get it done before I have to deal with meetings, etc, later in the day. Fun process, though! More later! ‘Bye for now….

  1. You live in a beautiful area!

    On the balcony: only the great spotted woodpecker a few times. Some people are lucky to have lesser spotted woodpeckers in their garden.

    1. It has little else to recommend it otherwise, frankly. As to your local woodpeckers, perhaps you could figure out a way to attract the less common Lesser Spotted. Sorting out my list of nominees here, btw, amid other tasks.

      1. I love woodpeckers – we have a great many here. I was hiking in elk/deer/pronghorn ‘antelope’ territory a couple of days ago – lots of fresh tracks, & coyote scat, but saw no ungulates. Some colleagues accidentally scattered them before I got high enough on the trail. That’s ok, I see most of them often enough anyhow, ‘cept for elk. They overheat terribly here, even in snow.

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