International Centre for Birds of Prey in Helmsley opens to the public


World of Birds

WHAT is believed to be the biggest collection of birds of prey in the North of England looks set to become a tourist magnet for North Yorkshire.

The International Centre for Birds of Prey (ICBP), in Helmsley, opened to the public this week.

The visitor attraction is spread over 11 acres, among the historic grounds and ancient trees of Duncombe Park and contains more than 100 birds in about 40 aviaries.

It is home to some birds including Griffon vultures, Indian tawny eagles and an array of native owls and birds of prey.

The ICBP also runs its own breeding program for endangered birds and is the only organisation in the country breeding Steller’s sea eagles, one of the largest birds in the world.

Despite a quiet opening devoid of any fanfare, the visitor attraction is already starting to draw in tourists from outside the region. It is expected to…

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