Kindly remember that not everyone in certain parts of the world are fundie dupes. Here’s one that fights that unjust stereotype. There are people who fight for their wildlife, & habitat, everywhere, in every population. Often at tremendous personal risk.

Pakistan's wild life

gorgakh              Today, I’m going to write about a rather unusual topic. There are stories going on the web about Alien killed by villagers, Gorkha (grave digger) and “Alien” killed in Pakistan.  And this picture is given along with it. In a single look I recognized it. It’s actually an anteater or Indian pangolin to be exact. Then there are some bloggers, who although are correcting this fact but on the other hand, due to their lack of knowledge and research, making people believe that Pakistanis are too much superstitious or some savages, which is totally unacceptable. That’s why I’m writing this post to tell, what it really is and what really happened.

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