Ontario Wind Resistance


Today in Haldimand County, HDI (Haudenosaunee Development Institute) ordered Capital Power to remove their equipment and workers from 2 wind turbine sites and workers from their Hydro One substation site as well as giving NextEra a message at NextEra’s substation of their outrage regarding the removal of the bald eagle’s nest in their project. The traditional people joined HDI in the action. A Haldimand resident blockaded a wind turbine blade in the area of NextEra’s substation today as well.

Tweets from SHUT DOWN!:

  • Now the #SixNations convoy led by Confederacy is delivering a msg to Nexterra which cut down an eagle’s nest despite ppls rstnce #Brantford
  • @TwoRowSociety Non-Native farmer used his truck to block truck carrying windturbine. Standing with Haudenosaunee Confederacy. #shutitdown#idlenomore
  • @TwoRowSociety “This is not a protest, this is a shut-down”. HDI director Hazel Hill on the confederacy’s shut down…

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