Happy Holidays, & Pardon My Rude Absence

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Happy Holidays, & Pardon My Rude Absence

Been having computer hell, which my much better half has largely resolved. I’ll be getting caught up ASAP.

In the meantime, rest assured that this year’s crop of urban peregrines seems to be continuing apace. One of the brownies, the tiercel, was screaming over my head only yesterday.

The hellish illustration here dates from about 1440, & is from “The Hours of Catherine of Cleves”. Gawd but I do love the treasure trove that is vintageprintable.com, lord of the public domain for this sort of thing.

Wishing you all the very best for 2013!

4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays, & Pardon My Rude Absence

    1. Thanks, hope you’re having a good holiday season. Love the Sphynx foto – I had 2 Rexes (2 Siamese grrls now). The disaster is the newish laptop (>smash<), so, am on an old desktop now until I can utilise what's left of the laptop. The hard drive should be intact. Very sorry to 'hear' that you've had your own computer woes! Off to bed, more very soon. Take good care! 🙂

      1. thanks urban.
        Glad you have the desktop to work from. life always seems manageable as long as we have working keyboards, ram, and the internet. Love both rexes and siamese. Special and unique breeds of cats indeed! Odie has curly hair on his tail (and on his tail only) and I always think of his Rex connex when i see it.
        thanks for visiting. hope you can get new laptop soon. if you werent insured and $$ isn’t raining in you could always go with the new google chrome book to get you through til youre ready to reinvest. its $249, isnt big on a harddrive space, but will get the job done in the interim.

      2. Happy New Year!

        Typing while I still can…. >hic<

        Odie. What a great name. And, what a perfect wedge head he has, which is what cats should look like (in my highly biased opinion). My 2 current Siamese, lookers though they are, are the modern type. Much too burly by classic breed standards, but, they are wonderful rescue cats. One is so dark she could just about pass for a Burmese. My Alsatian/Shar Pei x dotes on them, & vice versa.

        Muddling through the computer inconveniences – thanks for the advice, I do appreciate it. We have other priorities at the moment trumping my blind laptop. However, the classes I have starting up come this Friday may rearrange those priorities….

        Hope this finds you well, & happy. I do love your elegant 'blog. Posting a bit of a rant piece in a minute.

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