Women’s News: Hey! Stop Talking, You Woman! The Attack on Katherine Fenton



Zach Stafford

Writer, activist, and researcher

This morning I woke up to check my Twitter feed and learned the name of the conservative right’s newest target: Katherine Fenton.

For those of you who watched the second presidential debate this past week, you may remember Fenton as the young women who brought up the sad truth that women, today, make 72 percent of what their male counterparts make. This made a lot of people mad — a lot of conservative people.

Yesterday afternoon, the Washington Free Beacon released what they have termed a ‘study‘ of Katherine Fenton’s alleged personal Twitter account, which, from the evidence, shows some tweets that have been presented out of context, presumably in hopes of damaging her credibility in the public eye. From this study of Fenton’s Twitter account, the Washington Free Beacon has named her a certifiable ‘party girl’ who likes to drink, dislikes 

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