Raptor Persecution UK

Scottish wildcats will be extinct in the wild within months, according to a new report (see here and here). Disease and inter-breeding with domestic and feral cats are considered to be main threats, although illegal persecution on sporting estates and farms is also considered to be a problem, according to the Scottish Wildcat Association (here). One academic believes the blame for the demise of the Scottish wildcat ‘can be placed firmly at the door’ of Scottish shooting estates who set thousands of indiscriminate snares every year (see here).

Surprisingly, the Scottish wildcat is not on the SGA’s ‘vermin’ list (i.e. animals that they think should be culled to protect their game stock). Indeed, the SGA was a partner in the Cairngorms Wildcat Project, helping to develop protocols for so-called wildcat-friendly predator control. These protocols included issuing wildcat ID cards to keepers, encouraging them not to shoot on sight if…

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