Seabirds die from eating plastic


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This is a video from Scotland on fulmars and plastic.

From Wildlife Extra:

Seabirds eating more plastic than ever before

New study finds that bird ingestion of plastic in U.S./Canadian North Pacific amongst highest in the world

August 2012. A new study by U.S. and Canadian scientists has found that seabirds may be eating much more plastic trash than they have in the past, and that seabirds studied off the coast of Washington State and British Columbia are ingesting plastic at rates that are “among the highest” in the world.

Northern fulmars

The report was authored by Stephanie Avery-Gomm of the University of British Columbia and five other researchers. The study was carried out in 2009 – 2010 and involved the analysis of 67 Northern Fulmars that washed up dead on the shores between Long Beach, Washington, and Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Northern Fulmars, gull-like petrels related…

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