Portrait of an apostate pastor


Why Evolution Is True

If you’re feeling down about being a nonbeliever, a big article in the New York Times Sunday magazine, “From Bible-belt pastor to atheist leader,” might cheer you up.  The piece, by Julie Glassberg, will be of intense interest to most of us, particularly because it mentions the influence of the New Atheists in converting believers to nonbelief, and the efficacy of Dan Dennett and Linda LaScola’s Clergy Project, an online community and support group for pastors who have lost their faith.

One of these former pastors, Jerry DeWitt of DeRidder, Louisiana, is the subject of Glassberg’s profile.  Once a a firebrand evangelical preacher who spoke in tongues, DeWitt lost his faith last year and since has been ostracized in his community, divorced by his wife, and is now contemplating living in his car.  So while the article will hearten you with the efficacy of New Atheism, it…

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