Oregon Coast residents stash tsunami survival kits on high ground


But how to protect themselves from the effects of Fukushima on trans-border species? No drums for those.

The Extinction Protocol

August 23, 2012OREGONWhat does one stash for a tsunami? Residents of Cannon Beach are thinking about that. They’re planning to store drums full of survival gear far enough inland and high enough to be safe if the big one hits the Oregon coast and sends a tsunami wave ashore. The Daily Astorian reports the city is offering residents space in a shipping container and various sizes of drums, barrels and buckets that can be stored inside. Cannon Beach held a workshop on how to pack for the days after the big one, the equivalent of last year’s Japanese earthquake that could send a deadly tsunami across West Coast beaches and flood coastal towns. Essential items would include a shelter, such as a tent or tarp; sleeping bags or blankets; food with a long shelf life, such as ready-to-eat meals or canned goods, and a can opener…

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