Birding gadgets – for under 20 quid


Birding Frontiers

by Roger

After a l-o-n-g weekend in a hot, humid marquee – at a sweltering birdfair – I have no birds of note to write about. Hence the first post in this exciting new series: Great Birding Gadgets for less than 20 quid (that’s 30 euros/30 bucks for those of you in Europe or the States).

Autumn migration arrived in Shetland with a bang last week, with a pulse of easterlies bringing plenty of common migrants and a scatter of rares – three Citrine Wagtails, an Arctic Warbler – and a Booted Warbler at Sumburgh Hotel, two miles from my house. The easterlies started the day I headed south for Rutland, so I managed to miss most of the migrants. No surprise there – in fact, my favourite Birdfair Factoid is that all the Hippolais warblers (in the old sense – i.e. before half of them transferred to the Iduna team)…

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