Pure Freedom: The very first flight of a young Bald Eagle – updated


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This morning, I along with about 450 others, watched with anticipation and then pure joy, as a young eagle that we had watched grow from his first break of the eggshell as he emerged as a little ball of fluff, to today where he fledged and flew into the wild as a free and beautiful 13 week old Bald Eagle.    For those of you who watched or do watch eaglecams, I don’t need to describe just how emotional and wonderful, touching and  heart filling that can be. For those of you who may not have experienced watching this new phenomenon that the Internet and many dedicated folks brings us of being able to watch nature with webcams, it is a wonderous thing.

Griffith (named for Andy Griffith), the young male eagle at the American Eagle Foundation, fledged today.   He flew beautifully and strong in his first flight away from the hack tower…

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