Wings flapping, started running… right into the wall.

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My great friend & mentor, Bruce Haak. Without him, there would not have been a Boise peregrine project.

The three eyasses currently gracing the scrape at One Cap ( continue apace. A frantic pace. They are all developing at the same rate, & are anxious to get going. But, their little bodies aren’t quite there yet – they will be, & soon. They appear to be hale & hearty, often fractious, which will make my life all too interesting once they take that first 14 storey tumble off of the ledge. People from all over the world seem to love ‘our’ baby peregrines, & quite a few coordinate a visit to gorgeous Idaho with fledge time. It’s always a pleasure meeting such people every Summer.

We have new hazards to accompany our new family, promising a lively season for myself, & my staff. Contrary to this inglorious economy we’re suffering, we somehow have 3 major construction/urban renewal projects in the immediate area. However, they’re good citizens, & we’re all trying to make this process as easy as possible on all of us.

Let’s hope for a great season. All we can do is preserve the safety of our cranky little wards as best we can, & usher them into independent lives. After that, it’s up to them, & Lady Luck.