Dog Days of Spring, Dogs of War


Hazard Hot Sheet

We’ve already had several days of 100-degree temperatures (38°C for you civilized countries) here this season, even though “summer” doesn’t start for a month. Yet every year I see dogs chained in yards with no shade or water, or left in cars (even if the windows are “cracked,” i.e. rolled down an inch or two, it can get lethal in there). Some cities, like Austin, Texas, have banned outdoor chaining altogether, which is great except that if you don’t have a fenced-in yard, that’s a problem. Putting up a fence is expensive, too, and dogs can dig under them unless you install them right. But I’ve heard of dogs digging holes in the yard to lay in just to try to stay cooler. St. Louis, Missouri, where I live, enacted a new ordinance last year that says that if a dog is to be tied out in the yard, the…

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