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This video is called Sarus Cranes – Giant Bird.

From Big News Network:

Sarus cranes seen in Pakistan after a decade

Sunday 27th May, 2012

Sarus cranes, the world’s tallest flying bird, is back in Pakistan after more than a decade, wildlife experts have said.

A pair sighted in Nagarparkar in Sindh province this year has given hope to wildlife enthusiasts that the rare bird may become part of Pakistan’s landscape once again.

At a meeting held by Pakistan’s Save Wildlife and Nature (SWAN) group, wildlife experts and government officials formed a group for the conservation of sarus cranes, Dawn News reported.

The meeting discussed the present status of the cranes’ population, the threats they were facing and the measures needed to address those problems.

Currently, there are about 15 species of cranes in the world and, of them, four species visited Pakistan during the winter — in the…

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