Developer Faces Fine For Moving Slowly on Rare Frog Habitat


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Richmond Times Dispatch2012-05-26: ISLE OF WIGHT, Va. — The barking tree frog is a threatened species in Virginia, known to live and breed in just five counties, including this rural one along the James River. It is the largest frog in Virginia — and quirky, too, with platelike suckers on its fingers and a penchant for mating after heavy rains. Now, the developer of a luxury subdivision in Isle of Wight County with its fair share of trouble must pay an environmental fine for an offense as rare as the frog: The company did not build a frog conservation zone as quickly or completely as required in state permits. The unusual protection project has…                  more »

Green and black poison frogPhoto:GFDL ( Green and Black Poisonous Frog)

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3 thoughts on “Developer Faces Fine For Moving Slowly on Rare Frog Habitat

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    Drat that American bullfrog, it’s making life difficult on the west coast too, for local species. It’s people spreading them beyond their own habitat that’s the problem. Urbanperigrines posts some pretty cool stuff; check ’em out!

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