Coming Back: California condor population breaks 400


The Outdoor Journal

The California condor is making a comeback but it isn’t out of the woods yet, according to federal wildlife officials.

A survey of condors found 405, a far cry from 23 in the early 1980’s. Condors remain on the federal endangered species list. The federal recovery plan calls for 450 condors and three 150-bird populations in order to be considered for delisting.

An OregonLive story today reports that condors still face challenges like pesticide residues in carrion they eat, wind farm mortality, and lead poisoning from feeding on gut piles from animals that were shot with lead ammunition.

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2 thoughts on “Coming Back: California condor population breaks 400

  1. Thank you for your interest in this story. I like what you are doing here. Peregrines have long been an interest of mine here in Michigan. I wrote about them for years as the state moved forward with its peregrine reintroduction program. Here in Grand Rapids we are always on the look out for those that live downtown – a development that still cracks me up. Best, HM

    1. Hey, I relish your ‘blog. Thanks for slumming on mine! Thought your name rang a bell, & now I know why. I’ll be keeping in touch. 🙂 best, ART

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