Update on Wyoming Sage Grouse Falconry Flap

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As this topic has gotten many hits here, an update is warranted.

Falconry will continue unhindered in the area that was threatened with closure, thanks to the efforts of Kenny Sterner, head of the Wyoming Falconers Association, fellow North American Falconers Association members, & the concerned public who successfully prevented an as-yet unnecessary action. As I said in my previous posting on the subject, sage grouse numbers there are as robust as can be expected, & would not be adversely affected by the few falconers hunting, & training, their birds there. Grouse are a major prey for certain raptors, such as peregrine falcons, & it is essential that they know how to handle such tough situations.

This issue will likely be revisited next year, pending data on what will happen this time ’round. The trick now is to use those resources gently, & wisely, so that we may again have a happy outcome like this one.

N.B. 9th May – Apparently some clarification is needed regarding a line above about sage grouse being major prey for PEFAs. As the context is falconry, that’s what I meant. Obviously, they wouldn’t do such a thing in the wild – much too difficult, & altogether too big. Such things are left to the golden eagles, & suchlike, to deal with. Get it? Got it? Good.