Hazard Hot Sheet is doing climate awareness stuff all over the globe today. You can see some of the events at If there were any events here in St. Louis, I didn’t hear about them. My carbon footprint is usually about zero, but yesterday I took a bus, which I only do a couple of times a year, and later a taxi, something I haven’t done in ages, but it was that kind of day. If I had a pedometer to calculate how many miles I walk, it would’ve exploded by now.

I’ve said before that climate and weather aren’t the same thing, and that freak fluctuations aren’t indicative of longterm trends. However, we need to keep a closer watch on Gaia’s daily temperature, and other environmental factors that are changing, like species in trouble (amphibians, bats, bees), or other ones expanding out of their usual ranges (fire ants, and…

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