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Well, the news is good and bad, depending on how you look at it. At least we know the causes of some of the problems now; whether we DO anything about them is up to our elected officials, which is painful to contemplate. Let’s start with bats. For a long time, it wasn’t certain if the fungus associated with white-nose syndrome was the cause of the problem, or just an opportunistic infection after the mystery agent did its work. Now it’s pretty much known that the fungus IS the cause. See for more info. As I’ve said before, I like bats because they’re fascinating, and highly evolved to a speciality, and because I like caves, and because bats eat lots of mosquitoes that otherwise really love to bite ME. People should hire me to stand around their backyard barbecues, over in a corner somewhere, so no one else gets…

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    1. I thought your piece was lovely. BTW, I believe you may have the best e-mail address ever. Not much more sitting & typing for me, eggs are sure to come soon, & then all will be kaaos.

      1. lol, keep that ovipositor out of trouble, or as Commander USA used to say, “keep your nose in the wind and your tail to yourself.” the folks in Bhopal might not like the e-mail address, but i created it in memory of their disaster.

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