The Old Hatchery, Underberg, Southern Drakensberg

Himeville – the little village just 5km from Underberg is home to a roosting site for the Amur Falcons. We have just recently (month of March) had the privilege of seeing hundreds of these raptors circling the farmlands by day and roosting in the Himeville trees by night. They have just begun their migratory journey up north with takes them to their breeding grounds in East Asia. The Amur Falcon has one of the longest raptor migrations, but is also unique because it supposedly flies a long distance over the sea. It was believed that they flew mostly over land during their return journey, but data from Bernd Meyberg has shown that they fly a distance 2,500 to 3,100km over the sea in spring and do this by flying non-stop for between 2 and 3 days. Other interesting information presented include that there is quite a lot of movement between…

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