Jim Shapiro continues his misguided attack on neo-Darwinism


Why Evolution Is True

The science editor of HuffPo keeps asking me to come aboard and contribute a column, and I keep saying that I’m not going to write for free for a profit-making venture (their columnists are all wage slaves, or rather no-wage slaves, since they’re never paid). And I always take the opportunity to offer some “constructive” criticism about the page.  One of my complaints is that they give a venue for James Shapiro, a colleague in biology at the University of Chicago, to attack neo-Darwinian evolution for completely bogus reasons.  There is no scientific vetting of whether what Shapiro (or anyone else) says is correct.  And in his case, his criticisms of modern evolutionary theory are dead wrong. So HuffPo perpetuates the idea that something is wrong with evolutionary theory.

Shaprio has four beefs about neo-Darwinism (the modern theory of evolution)

1.  It’s not “gradual,” but can happen nearly instantaneously…

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