Why Evolution Is True

Besides the NBC Nightly News, the only t.v. show I watch regularly is 60 Minutes, and I’ve watched it for decades.  The show recently lost Andy Rooney, and I’m sad to report that a founding member, Mike Wallace, died yesterday at 93.  He had been with the show for forty years, and I watched him engage in lots of hard-hitting journalism.  Wallace asked questions that nobody else dared, and won more than 20 Emmy Awards. The CBS website reports:

Each week, “60 Minutes” viewers could expect the master interviewer to ask the questions they wanted answered by the world’s leaders and headliners. Wallace did not disappoint them, often revealing more than the public ever hoped to see. He got the stoic Ayatollah Khomeini to smile during the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979 when he asked him what he thought about being called “a lunatic” by Egyptian President…

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