The death of Pia, a rationalist cat


Why Evolution Is True

I am immensely saddened to report the death of Pia, the pet and helpmeet of Malgorzata Koraszewska and Andrzej Koraszewski, who run the well-known Polish rationalist website Racjonalista.  Pia was 14, and died from kidney failure.  She was a lovely tabby:

I first became acquainted with Pia when Malgorzata asked to translate some of my website pieces into Polish for their website.  Of course I assented, but, learning that they had a cat, I asked for two pictures of Pia as payment for each use, with one sent me as payment for allowing the translation and the other upon publication.  Malgorzata obliged, and I wound up with hundreds of pictures of Pia (they’ve translated over 100 of my pieces).  I also learned a lot about her: she liked to sit on the computer, obstructing the progress of secularism, and was fond of quail livers and beef tartare, but only…

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