Most Current Fotos of Boise’s Urban Peregrines (PEFAs), Courtesy of My Friend Bob


No bonded pair as yet, but, things should be getting sorted out here shortly with these guys. Then, maybe I can halfway plan my Summer. New falcon’s still killing much time at the current box, usually within view/earshot of the webcams. Tiercels showing off for some days now, which makes for some fun viewing for all around. Very funny vignette yesterday with the now hot-to-trot falcon when she saw one of the tiercels coming toward her. She ee-chupped like a nympho, threw herself onto the gravel, & presented her fanny. Beat. Beat. Beat. She looked up, & all around, in obvious confusion & disappointment. Hopped up, went to the ledge, searching for the cause of her excitement – where did he go? Ok, I did feel a bit bad for her, but, her body language was stereotypical sit-com. When it comes to courtship, PEFAs aren’t very different from ourselves.