Tiercel Still Living the Single Life


Our widowed tiercel still seems to be on his own, despite his attempts to make his life otherwise. The falcon who had been showing some interest has not been seen reliably in several days. So, he hangs about the box off & on all day, ee-chupping & doing locator calls, brings enough food for two, but, winds up having his meals alone. Weather’s not wonderful today, mostly blustery rain, so, he’s on the quiet side this afternoon. On sunnier days he spends part of his afternoons enjoying thermals in the area, often drifting over our house. I have not seen our white-banded fledge (now a proper passage tiercel) from our last clutch since the reappearance of dear old Dad. He had wintered over, but, seems he’s finally dispersed to make his own life. There has been no incident report, so, my optimistic assumption is that he’s perfectly fine, & probably not terribly far from here. In the meantime, still hoping against hope that our habitual tiercel will find a suitable replacement for our fabulous falcon, sadly lost to us last Autumn as she migrated South.